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The Kellogg School of Management, the business school of Northwestern University, was founded in 1908 and has campuses in Evanston, Illinois, Downtown Chicago, and Miami Florida. Since its inception as a school aimed at leaders with “good moral character,” Kellogg has been a pioneer in fostering communities characterized by teamwork and collaboration. The school partners with universities and programs all over the world, emphasizing a global focus throughout the program. Though the school’s strengths lie in a diverse array of areas, it’s particularly known for the prestige of its marketing professors and courses. Kellog students are known to be a social, cohesive bunch, and enjoy frequent trips, parties, and events.


The academic climate at Kellogg is strongly collaborative, focusing on teamwork and group projects. Despite this atmosphere, Kellogg doesn’t employ a grade non-disclosure policy. The teaching style at Kellogg is split fairly evenly between the case method, lectures, team projects, and experiential learning, making it one of the more balanced, blended MBA Academic experiences. Though the school’s classes are graded on an A-to-F scale the curve tends to be fairly generous. About 40% of every class will earn an A, 50% a B, and 10% or less earn a C or lower. Kellogg randomly assigns each member of the incoming class into one of eight sections, each usually consisting of around 65 students. Students take classes with their section for a few classes during the first quarter and then enroll in the classes they choose for the ensuing quarters. Kellogg allows students to pursue a major, for which students take four classes in a given concentration.


Kellogg provides an excellent environment for career switchers, and 80% of the Kellogg class will change industries, job functions, or both. To maximize opportunities for these students, at least half of recruiter interview slots are reserved for “open list” interviews, meaning that students can bid points to meet with an employer, even if their resume isn’t necessarily consistent with a role with that company. Kellog usually sends more grads into the management consulting industry than any other MBA program, with 35-40% of graduates taking these roles. The school also sends a relatively large number of students to Silicon Valley firms.


Kellogg students are known as fun, laid back, and great to work with. Student-led clubs are pervasive at Kellog and attract membership from other Northwestern students and community members. Every friday evening, Kellogg hosts a completely open school-wide happy hour, allowing others to familiarize themselves with the school’s students and culture. Under 20% of MBA students live on campus, but there are ample opportunities to socialize on campus and enjoy the surrounding areas. Almost half of Kellog’s incoming students come with partners and families, who are actively welcomed into the community. While Kellog students value academic rigor, they’re also known to throw a good party


The admissions office looks for candidates who fit Kellogg’s fun, casual culture. That being said, they also place a strong emphasis on scholastic ability, personal character, motivation, leadership ability, interpersonal skills, career performance, and management potential. The application requires two essays, but also a unique video component. Once students submit their written application, they receive an e-mail with instructions and a link for the video essay, which is comprised of 10 questions that the applicant must answer. Students are prepared with 10 practice questions, then proceed to the real questions, receiving 20 seconds to prepare and one minute to deliver their answer.