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Chicago Booth is the second oldest business school in the world, and has expanded its presence to the global community with campuses in London, Singapore, and Beijing. For this reason, Booth attracts a diverse student body and is revered for its emphasis on a global perspective. Booth is also highly revered for its faculty, and has had six Nobel Prize winners contributing to its academic climate, more than any other business school. The research and quant-heavy curriculum makes Booth an attractive option for students with an analytical bent.


Chicago Booth offers one of the most flexible MBA curriculums of its peers. There’s only one required class, so students enjoy a high degree of choice in how they satisfy the requirements of the core curriculum. There are 13 optional concentrations students can choose from, and can select up to three to be reflected on their transcripts. Chicago Booth has a reputation as a leader in finance, and the curriculum places a strong emphasis on analytics and economics. Hands-on business experience is an integral part of an education at Booth, and students can gain exposure to their interest from a variety of lab courses. The class is separated into cohorts, though unlike other MBA programs, these groups don’t determine who will be in classes together. Instead, students undergo the LEAD program, where they attend exercises and retreats, undergo orientation-type experiences, and work to foster team-building and relationship development within their program.


Typically, 90% of Booth students have job offers by graduation, and by three months post-graduation, this figure rises to 98%, landing Booth among the top schools for employment outcomes of any MBA program. The traditional MBA careers of consulting and finance dominate the pursuits of Booth grads. Almost 40% accept positions in the finance field, among the highest proportion of top MBA programs.


University of Chicago is peculiar in that it hosts more graduate than undergraduate students, surrounding Booth students in a rich, diverse array of highly academic individuals. The feel of the campus is one of warmth and friendliness. Booth students tend to live in downtown chicago and surrounding neighborhoods and leave campus during the evenings. Since it doesn’t have the rigid cohort structure found in many other top MBA programs, students pursuing their MBA at Booth tend to have broader relationships with more members of their class as opposed to close-knit relationships with a select number. 


University of Chicago Booth has a different take on the admissions essay than most. Applicants select an image from an array of scenes portraying different moments from the school, and must explain why the moment resonates with them. Students may also address any additional information in an optional essay with a 300 word maximum. Booth also differs in their policies for individuals who are reapplying. Typically, a reapplicant is considered someone who has submitted an application in the year prior to the current one, and will not have to get new recommendations or rewrite an essay. For Booth, someone is a considered a reapplicant if they applied within the two most recent years. So while these students aren’t required to resubmit many of their materials, they still need to demonstrate areas in which they’ve strengthened their application since their last go.