Michelle Lev

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A marketing and branding expert, Michelle has successfully helped clients position and sell themselves to their top choice MBA programs for over six years. Her passion for the admissions process began during her two years at Kellogg, where she served as a student reader on the Kellogg Admissions Committee. She has also been an active interviewer for Yale, her undergraduate institution. Prior to joining Veritas Prep full-time, Michelle worked in brand strategy consulting, brand management, equity research on Wall Street, and hedge fund analysis. The breadth and depth of her experience enable her to relate to a large range of clients. Michelle is extremely detail-oriented, and provides all her clients with honest and insightful encouragement throughout the entire application process. Her goal is to make sure that each and every client submits an application that they feel truly represents their best self, down to the last comma!Michelle specializes in admissions consulting for those with low GPA/GMAT scores.


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2001 - 2003
Kellogg School of Management
1993 - 1997
Yale U.


2014 - 2017
Independent Educational Consultant
2008 - 2017
Head Consultant
Veritas Prep
2014 - 2017
Board Member
Boston Children's Hospital League
2011 - 2013
Board Member
Children's Research Fund
2006 - 2008
Independent Marketing Consultant