Mark Accomando

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Mark is an experienced general and brand management professional, having helped position multiple brands to win in the competitive consumer goods and leisure travel industries. Mark is a great choice to help you craft your personal value proposition as you compete for acceptance into the business school of your choice. Mark will receive his MBA from Notre Dame (Mendoza College of Business) and has worked very closely with admissions. Mark has been an MBA Admissions Ambassador and has counseled many potential MBA candidates on Mendoza values. Mark loves sharing the details of his experience at Notre Dame and offering personal anecdotes and best practices based on experience to other potential MBA candidates. Mark has great insight into the details of the Mendoza program and everything you need to help set you apart from the masses.


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2015 - 2017
Notre Dame - Mendoza College of Business
2007 - 2011
Muhlenberg College
2003 - 2007
High School


2017 - 2017
Heartland Ventures
2016 - 2017
MBA Admissions Consultant
Veritas Prep
2014 - 2017
Board Member
DH Enterprises
2015 - 2017
B&M Venture Capital, LLC
2016 - 2016
Hillshire Farm Brand Management Intern
Tyson Foods