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Applications are generally not fun, but you can have a hoot with Lisa, while also crafting the best story for the admissions committee. She's seen the good, the bad and the ugly when she was part of Kellogg's Admissions Committee, so she will help you be the best, while avoiding the ugly. Lisa is direct and honest, but she's also bubbly and energetic, so the process of creating your story will be productive and fun.Lisa works at Intel Corporation and is part of Intel's Accelerated Leadership Program. Prior to Intel and Kellogg, Lisa worked at Google for six years as a program manager. She has worn a multitude of hats in the tech industry: operations, finance, sales, marketing and HR. If you're from tech or looking to go into tech, she has the inside knowledge and specifics in a diverse array of business functions. As a graduate of both Kellogg School of Management and UC Berkeley, Lisa knows how to get into the top schools and will use her marketing background to put you in the brightest light. She can also help you draw out the beauty in your unconventional background. Political science and technology are descriptors you don't normally find in the same sentence.


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2010 - 2012
Kellogg School of Management
2010 - 2012
Kellogg School of Management
1999 - 1999
UC Berkeley


2017 - 2017
Business HR Director
Intel Corporation
2015 - 2017
Chief of Staff, Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer | Director of Operations
Intel Corporation
2014 - 2015
Chief of Staff, Senior Manager in People Strategy & Operations
Intel Corporation
2012 - 2014
Accelerated Leadership Program Associate
Intel Corporation
2012 - 2012
MBA Intern
First Analysis