Deli Cole

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Deli is committed to excellence in everything she does and this matters because she’s also helped others tap into their own excellence and maximize their potential. Whether she is volunteering with convicted felons who endeavor to transform their lives through re-entry programs that foster self-sufficiency and entrepreneurship or working with would-be/could-be strong candidates for an MBA at University of Virginia, Darden School as an alumni interviewer—she’s demonstrated that her coaching and development style is versatile, affirming and effective.Deli served on Student Admissions committee at Darden and has gone on to enjoy success in the consumer package, media & entertainment and energy industries. Deli believes that in addition to intellectual prowess and proven academic abilities, top b-schools are looking for and need individuals with “grit”. She is highly regarded for her oral and written communication skills and is often characterized as charismatic with an uncanny ability to relate to and understand others. Her passion lies at the intersection of business and philanthropy.


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