Christine Balzano

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Few consultants have read as many or as diverse a subset of applications as Christine has over her 19 years in admissions. And you may be surprised to learn, Christine does not come to private consulting naturally. As a person committed to student service, she has always felt like a little bit of a traitor moving into private consulting. While most consultants have MBA's and think they know why they were admitted-- Christine and her small subset of former admissions director peers actually DO know why people are admitted. She is a tell-it-like-it-is, no nonsense, realist who will help you craft an accurate story of you instead of spinning a story from something that isn't there. She crossed over to admissions consulting to stay committed to helping people who would not otherwise get admitted to business school. Her goal is to work with those who know they have the potential to do great things, but just don't know how to sell it or haven't got the traditional family or professional background that makes an MBA a fore-drawn conclusion. She's got a soft spot for military, non-traditional, and intellectually curious applicants. And, with experience at Chicago Booth and London Business School-- she has that diverse international perspective you just may be looking for!


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