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When Esther worked as an admissions officer at Chicago Booth School of Business, she saw a countless number of highly qualified but denied candidates who failed to demonstrate their ‘fit.’ What is fit? How do you capture it? And how do you describe it in ways that resonate with decision makers? In the process of teaching leadership to Northwestern undergraduate students, getting her own MBA at the Kellogg School of Management, winning business plan competitions, and coaching hundreds of individual and corporate clients, Esther has learned how to help her clients demonstrate their fit. Since 2010, Esther has combined the science of persuasion and the art of storytelling, perfected in the Leadership Story Lab she founded, to help MBA applicants gain a competitive edge.When an admissions officer argued strongly for a candidate, it was often because he or she felt a human connection to that person, even though they may never have met; that’s the power of story.Storytelling, as Esther defines it, is the strategic sequencing of facts and emotion. You don’t need to be a superhero to tell great stories. All you need is a process, framework, practice and the right coach. Savvy and forward-thinking MBA applicants aren’t the only ones who seek after Esther’s coaching. Her institutional clients such as AllState, BP, Brookfield Asset Management, Northwestern Memorial Hospital, and US Cellular, have all benefited from Esther’s training on storytelling. If you are intrigued by storytelling and want to learn how to tell brief and brilliant stories at ALL occasions, Esther is the perfect partner for you!Esther’s debut book, Let the Story Do the Work, is now available on all major online retail platforms, including Amazon. She is based in Chicago and teaches in Kellogg’s Executive Education Programs and the University of Zurich.


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2007 - 2009
Kellogg School of Management
1996 - 1998
Texas A&M U.
1992 - 1996
U.C. Santa Barbara


2009 - 2017
President & Chief Story Facilitator
Leadership Story Lab
2004 - 2007
Associate Director
The University of Chicago Booth School of Business
2001 - 2004
Associate Director
Master of Science in Learning & Organizational Change at Northwestern University
2000 - 2001
Academic Advisor
Columbia College Chicago
1998 - 2000
Washington State University