Jani Moon



Jani Moon transforms people into their lovable selves. As a media coach for celebrities, authors, life coaches, and experts of all kinds, she trains people to take down their self-created walls to reveal their true selves. Enough of pretending to be somebody you are not. She is your favorite drama teacher, psychiatrist, and life coach rolled into one. She'll make you laugh, make you cry, and make you GREAT. All of her education and work experience add to the mosaic of teachable tools that she utilizes to help people express themselves in a genuine way. She received a BA in English & Theater and a Masters in Curriculum and Development, which led her to teaching. She spent years as an English and Drama teacher, worked as an educational consultant, and spent two years in the Peace Corps. She has taught acting to kids and adults, directing a variety of theatrical plays and performance art all over the world. Her professional pursuits have always been alongside her spiritual endeavors in yoga, mediation, and dance. Yes, she is a bit new-agey, but practical. Sweet but tough. She loves being part of the Forster-Thomas team by helping candidates fully express themselves, stand out, and get into the school of their dreams.


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1999 - 1999
The U. of Memphis
1999 - 1999


2010 - 2017
Media and Brand Consultant
2Market Media
2010 - 2013
Communication & Interview Skills Expert
Forster Thomas, Inc.
2009 - 2010
Resident Director & Drama Coach
Vanuatu Amateur Theater
2007 - 2009
Education Consultant & Teacher Trainer
Peace Corps/Ministry of Education
2005 - 2007
Language Arts & Drama Instructor
PATH DeKalb Academy