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Today marks the opening of admitbrain to the public, so we thought we’d take a minute to answer a question we get a lot: what’s an admitbrain?
admitbrain’s a solution to a simple problem: finding a good admissions consultant is too hard. To understand why, just consider a more routine purchase: socks.

Consider the socks

Imagine you’re buying your next pair of socks on Amazon: you’ll glance at a few pairs, see what others had to say, maybe have a glass of wine, and, finally, you’ll buy your socks. Simple, right?
What may not be apparent when you click ‘Purchase,’ though, is the number of parties involved in your brief shopping trip. Besides the numerous sock brands you were considering, there were also dozens of different vendors trying to earn your click. Through reviews and performance metrics, each of these vendors has a reputation on Amazon to help you sort through the riff-raff & find your ‘sock guy.’ Then, once you purchase, Amazon’s standing-by, ready to resolve disputes or issue refunds if your ‘sock guy’ turns out to be a jerk.
“$ 8 will get you some quality socks” ~admitbrain
This process is pretty seamless (“seamless,” hah!), but the end result is awesome: when you shop on Amazon, you have some measure of confidence that your $ 8 will get you some quality socks.
Okay, now: how ‘bout your $ 8,000 admissions consultant? Maybe it was the same company you took a GMAT class from, so you’re confident–but what if another firm’s a better fit? How do you do the savvy-shopper thing then? Maybe you found GMAT Club’s treasure-trove of reviews? Or the reviews on Poets & Quants? But nearly all of those reviews are 5-stars–are all consultants really that good at their jobs? Or maybe some selection bias? And what happens if you’re not satisfied with the services you get? Which companies will honor a refund?
To answer these questions, you’ll likely schedule some free consultations. So, you’ll fill out 10 different forms for 10 different agencies (all asking the same questions). Then you’ll have 8 different phone calls (because 2 won’t email you back), sometimes with a consultant, sometimes with a salesperson.
The point is: by the time you’re making the decision on who gets your hard-earned money, you’re exhausted. You’ve scoured the four-corners of the internet, and you’re still not sure if you’re throwing your money away.

admitbrain fixes all that. In building admitbrain, we’ve grabbed data from all across the web, cleaned it, crunched it, whispered to it for its sweet secrets–all to paint the most vivid picture possible for you, the prospective MBA applicant. At this point, admitbrain puts all the data available on consultants in one place & helps you arrange multiple free consultations with a few clicks. Our goal, though, is to make hiring an admissions consultant as seamless (…hah!) as buying socks online.
Well, $ 8,000 socks.

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admitbrain is the largest source of objective data on MBA admissions & MBA admissions consultants on the web.

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