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admitbrain's pulled pricing data from dozens & dozens of MBA admissions consultant sites and placed it into a handy info-graphic.

A guide to MBA admissions consultant services


admitbrain examines the sorts of services MBA admissions consultants provide their clients--everything ranging from essay advice, to anxiety counseling, to LinkedIn manicuring.

An analysis of GPAs & GMATs at Harvard, Stanford, and Wharton


A sneak peek at our analysis of GPA/GMAT standards of Harvard Business School, Stanford GSB, and Wharton.

Every MBA Admissions consultant review is 5-stars. Why?


Learn why the reviews for MBA admissions consultants should be evaluated carefully, and understand the reasons for the glut of near-perfect reviews.

HBS Guru 2.1: A 770 GMAT film producer's b-school chances


Will stellar GMAT & GPA numbers be enough to settle any doubts about this candidate's less common professional background? See what the Kreisbot calculates!

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admitbrain took all 500 of Sandy Kreisberg's predictions & jammed them into a computer. So what's this snarky admissions bot from the future got to say about your future?

How admitbrain handles MBA admissions consultants' price data


MBA admissions consultants' services vary as much in substance as they do in quality & price. In this post, we'll help you understand how we interpret these differences.

MBA admissions consultants & admitbrain


Admissions consultants can be a huge help and, if it means getting into your dream school, worth every penny. But picking one shouldn't be harder than the actual application. And now, with admitbrain, it won't have to be.