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A picture of two chairs in a dimly lit room, as one might see after an MBA interview took place at a school like Tuck.

Post-interview acceptance rates & the curious case of Tuck

What percentage of interviewees do top business schools admit? And: why do so few people take advantage of Tuck's open interview policy?
The logo for admitbrain Optics with an abstract chart of business school data in the background.

Which jobs see the most MBAs return after graduation?

Which jobs do people leave for business school, only to return to after grad? Why? Find out as we dive-in to celebrate the release of admitbrain Optics.
Male and female symbols (like those on bathroom doors) with floral patterns.

Gender in MBA admissions

Using admitbrain's proprietary dataset on MBA admissions & outcomes, we take a look at the gender makeup of different admitted students by industry.
A young girl playing with a puppet. Since she's not applying to business school, she can speak in a pretend voice.

5 screenwriter hacks for MBA essays #2 | Lose the robot voice

Is your application essay sterile & robotic? Check out these tried & true tips for finding a voice that's personal, likable, and, crucially, 100% you.
A lantern hanging from an ivy-covered wall, maybe at Harvard--who knows? From unsplash.com/@joel_m_peel

[Infographic] MBA admissions consultants' backgrounds

Where do MBA admissions consultants come from? admitbrain looks at the professional & educational backgrounds of the group.
An ax wedged in a log--the world's greatest metaphor for low-GPA / high-GMAT applicants, also known as 'splitters' (sorry).

Clear Admit Livewire data: high GMAT/low GPA MBA applicants

Where are high-GMAT / low-GPA applicants welcome? High-GPA / low-GMAT? We take to the data to find out.
A hiker at a fork in the road, deep in the woods--probably deciding which job will land him his dream MBA.

HBS Guru 2.2.1: Which jobs do business school admissions like best?

Given the choice between wealth management, boutique strategy consulting, tech consulting, and MBB, which should you choose?
An overhead view of the Hollywood sign at around sunrise/sunset, the city in the backdrop.

5 screenwriter hacks for MBA essays | #1: Surprise & suspense

An MBA application is about your story, and few tell a story better than Hollywood screenwriters. Learn how they use surprise & suspense to pull readers in.
A picture of a piggy bank, courtesy of @blankerwahnsinn at unsplash.

[Infographic] MBA admissions consultants--worth the price?

admitbrain's pulled pricing data from dozens & dozens of MBA admissions consultant sites and placed it into a handy info-graphic.
A person writing with a pen. This is what an MBA admissions consultant might look like if they were editing your essay the old fashioned way.

A guide to MBA admissions consultant services

admitbrain examines the sorts of services MBA admissions consultants provide their clients--everything ranging from essay advice, to anxiety counseling, to LinkedIn manicuring.
A 3-d plot of the GPA/GMAT standards of R1 interview invites at HBS, Stanford, and Wharton.

An analysis of GPAs & GMATs at Harvard, Stanford, and Wharton

A sneak peek at our analysis of GPA/GMAT standards of Harvard Business School, Stanford GSB, and Wharton.
A picture of 5 plastic stars, representing the average of over 3,000 admissions consultant reviews.

Every MBA Admissions consultant review is 5-stars. Why?

Learn why the reviews for MBA admissions consultants should be evaluated carefully, and understand the reasons for the glut of near-perfect reviews.
A graphic of the Kreisbot, admitbrain's MBA admissions predicting robot, wearing a film-maker's getup.

HBS Guru 2.1: A 770 GMAT film producer's b-school chances

Will stellar GMAT & GPA numbers be enough to settle any doubts about this candidate's less common professional background? See what the Kreisbot calculates!
Artist's portrayal of what the Kreisbot might look like.

HBS Guru 2.0: The Kreisbot predicts your b-school chances

admitbrain took all 500 of Sandy Kreisberg's predictions & jammed them into a computer. So what's this snarky admissions bot from the future got to say about your future?
Fruits & vegetables at market--far easier to compare those than admissions consultants. Photo by the imitable @ja_ma at unplash.com.

How admitbrain handles MBA admissions consultants' price data

MBA admissions consultants' services vary as much in substance as they do in quality & price. In this post, we'll help you understand how we interpret these differences.
A monkey in a 'Thinker' pose, trying to reason through which admissions consultant to hire.

MBA admissions consultants & admitbrain

Admissions consultants can be a huge help and, if it means getting into your dream school, worth every penny. But picking one shouldn't be harder than the actual application. And now, with admitbrain, it won't have to be.